anavar steroid

In contact with organic anavar steroid matter releases singlet oxygen. Resulting in the reduction of potassium permanganate, manganese oxide forms a protein complex compounds – albuminates (at the expense of potassium permanganate in small concentrations, astringent, and in concentrated solutions – irritant, cauterizing and tanning action). It has also deodorizing effect. It is effective in the treatment of burns and ulcers.

The ability of potassium permanganate anavar steroid to neutralize some poisons underlies the use of its solutions for gastric lavage for poisoning. If ingested, absorbed, providing haematological effects (leading to the development of methemoglobinemia).

Rinse the mouth and oropharynx – in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth and oropharynx (including angina).

For washing and douching during anavar steroid gynecological and urological diseases – colpites and urethritis.

For gastric lavage – for poisoning caused anavar steroid by ingestion of the alkaloids (morphine, aconitine, nicotine), hydrocyanic acid, phosphorus, quinine; skin – in contact with her aniline; eyes – with the defeat of poisonous insects.


Dosage and administration:

topically in aqueous solutions to wash wounds (0.1-0.5%), for rinsing the mouth and throat (0.01-0.1%) (5.2%) for lubricating ulcer and burn surfaces for douching (0.02-0.1%) in gynecological and urological practice, as well as gastric lavage for poisoning.


To dissolve – some crystals placed in a beaker of warm water and stirred, a freshly prepared solution was used only.

Adverse effects:   allergic reactions anavar steroid, using concentrated solutions – burns and irritation.



Symptoms: sharp pain in the oral cavity, in the esophagus, in the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea; mucous anavar steroid membrane of the oral cavity and pharynx – edematous, dark brown, purple, possible swelling of the larynx, the development of mechanical asphyxia, burn shock, motor excitation, seizures, Parkinson’s events, hemorrhagic colitis, nephropathy, hepatopathy. At low acidity of gastric juice may develop methemoglobinemia with cyanosis and severe shortness of breath. Lethal dose for children about 3 grams, adult 0.3-0.5 g / kg.


Treatment: Methylene Blue (50 ml of 1% solution), ascorbic acid (w / w – 30 ml of 5% solution), cyanocobalamin – 1 mg, pyridoxine (/ m – 3 ml of a 5% solution).

Interaction:   chemically compatible with anavar steroid some organic materials (coal, sugar, tannin) and easily oxidized substances – may explode.


Product form:

3 g powder in glass vials, bottles, jars with instructions in the stack, the plastic bags.



Shelf life:

5 years. Do not use after the date printed on the package.



Storage conditions:

in a dry place out of reach of anavar steroid children.



Conditions of supply of pharmacies:

without recipe.

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